• Government Consulting  "HLC Government Services, LLC has been using Stephen at C-Support since weopened the business back in 2008 and C-Support designed our very first website and we have since had them build another one as our company continues to grow.
     Stephen is very creative and brings a lot of marketing value to HLC as well and we have added Google Adwords and other clever marketing material to our site."
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  • Dog Academy of NC "We just looked at the new site and you are just as amazing with websites as Michael is with dogs ;o). It really does look great! I love the photo you took at the top of our property!
    This looks great and I really like it thus far.
    Thank you again
    Sandra and Michael"

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Web Hosting

Its all in the clouds!

In 2009 we decided to move all of our websites to a cloud. It has turned out to be a great decision as most of our customers have not had a single glitch since we did. If there is a glitch it is quickly resolved as that is the nature of the cloud. What is a cloud? Simply put, a cloud is not one computer or one internet connection, but a complex network of computers and resources pulled together to act as one unit. This creates a powerful, expandable solution with no single points of failure delivering high performance and reliability.

We know who you are! We are a small company with a managable number of hosting accounts so we know our customers. When you call, we know your name. We know your setup and requirements. We know your domain and your website. We take pride in that and our customers appreciate that about CSupport.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I asked CSupport to put together a Niche website to attract more contractor clients. CSupport was very accessible during the process and worked to get the site up and running in a short period of time. Their focus is on using the website to actually make money for your business. CSupport has years of experience in website design and SEO, and I highly recommend CSupport to any business or organization looking for a website that gets results.
  • Steven is in my opinion the brightest mind in web design, SEO, and Google.  He is easy to work with and has a unique ability to take complex ideas and make them easy to understand for the average person that is looking for results.  He is result orientated and honest, a rarity in many companies. If you use anyone else you are settling for second best.